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Wellington Local Agenda 21 Group is an independent, not-for-profit community organisation that encourages local people to get involved in environmental issues that impact on all our lives. Although we are based in the historic market town of Wellington, Shropshire, Agenda 21 is an international initiative that was founded by the United Nations at the Earth Summit in 1992, when over 200 world leaders committed themselves to the principle of ‘sustainable development’ — the process of developing the world’s economies without destroying its natural assets and resources. To achieve its aims, Agenda 21 relies on the contribution of communities throughout the world, and our group was established to help individuals and groups in the Wellington area work together to find local solutions to global problems

Our Projects

Wellington is an ancient market town with a wealth of rich history and natural heritage on its doorstep. With the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund, we’ve launched a series of walking and cycling trails to showcase what the area has to offer.

This is the story of a Shropshire market town, a little mountain (that is really a big hill) and its impact on the arts and popular culture — not just locally but all around the world! From folklore and fiction to science, poetry and song, Wellington and The Wrekin have inspired many great names across the centuries. So come with us now on a voyage of discovery and let’s go ‘Walking with Giants.’

On June 28th 1919, the signing of the Treaty of Versailles between the Allies and Germany officially brought to an end the most tumultuous conflict in human history. Nearly nine million people served in the British armed forces during the First World War, yet less than a fifth of the population ever fought in it. Their experiences on the home front, however, proved equally influential in shaping life after the fighting ended and this is the story of what happened next in the market town of Wellington, Shropshire.


The Wrekin is one of Shropshire’s most familiar natural landmarks and a popular destination for thousands of visitors from across the Midlands and beyond every year. This iconic hill is the pinnacle of an equally remarkable but much less widely known ancient forest landscape, where an array of plants, animals and insects has found a home amid a green network of varied wildlife sites. So come with us now and let’s Explore The Wrekin…

A few miles beyond the historic market town of Wellington one of Shropshire’s largest and most elusive wetland landscapes begins to unfold. This is a place for quiet reflection but one where the serenity of apparent wilderness disguises mankind’s influence at every turn. Here, you’ll find an enduring stronghold for some increasingly rare wildlife, so come with us now and let’s explore the fascinating natural heritage of the wild and evocative Weald Moors…

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