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Wellington Local Agenda 21 Group is an independent, not-for-profit community organisation that encourages local people to get involved in environmental issues that impact on all our lives. Although we are based in the historic market town of Wellington, Shropshire, Agenda 21 is an international initiative that was founded by the United Nations at the Earth Summit in 1992, when over 200 world leaders committed themselves to the principle of ‘sustainable development’ — the process of developing the world’s economies without destroying its natural assets and resources. To achieve its aims, Agenda 21 relies on the contribution of communities throughout the world, and our group was established to help individuals and groups in the Wellington area work together to find local solutions to global problems.

We have been active since the year 2000 and, utilising the wide-array of practical experience and skills of our members, have successfully managed a number of high-profile environmental projects, including ‘Discovering Wellington’ — a £50 000 Heritage Lottery Fund scheme promoting local sustainable tourism (cycling and walking) that attracted considerable local and regional interest. However, we have completed many other projects in that time, too, including: a local garden tool library, a community timebank scheme and, most recently, two new cycle trails promoting the Wrekin Hills.

Our group has enjoyed a prominent role in Wellington life in the last decade, playing a pivotal part in the establishment of a monthly farmers’ market and green fair in the town, organizing ‘clean-up’ days, publishing a local food guide and initiating a blue plaque scheme. We are a founder member of the Wrekin Forest Partnership and also sit on the Wellington Town Partnership board — the organisation responsible for the long-term regeneration of the area. The group has a long record of campaigning on environmental issues around Wellington and, as such, has well-established working links to a number of prominent organisations, including Telford and Wrekin Borough Council, Wellington Town Council, Telford Friends of the Earth and Shropshire Wildlife Trust. We are always on the look-out for new people who can add to our existing skills base, so if you are interested in our work and feel you can make a difference to local life, please get in touch… we shall be only too happy to hear from you!

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