Discovering Wellington

Victorian Wellington

Uncover the stories and events from the era when Wellington became a modern town.

The Victorian age represented the most important turning point in Wellington’s history since the town received its first market charter, in 1244. Although Wellington had enjoyed prosperity in the latter years of the late 1700s, thanks to the industrial boom in the east Shropshire coalfield, the Nineteenth Century ushered in a period of unparalleled development. Quite simply, Wellington was transformed from an overgrown village into a thriving market town that was among the most important urban centres in Shropshire. But why did this happen? For the answers, read on…

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Discovering Wellington

About The Trail

Victorian Wellington is a circular walking tour showcasing the wealth of Victorian heritage to be found in its town centre and outlying suburbs. The trail can be divided into a longer or shorter route that could take anything from twenty minutes to two hours to complete.